Getting Started
The Telmai User Interface allows you to easily integrate your data with Telmai with just a few clicks.



Telmai will provide you with the login username, and an activation email will allow you to set your password. If you need to reset your password, reach out to a Telmai admin
Login to Telmai URL using your credentials


Enter the tenant name provided by Telmai

Change Password

You may change your password by clicking on Account Profile on the top right corner of the Telmai dashboard


A Telmai source is a metadata object corresponding to your dataset. It is not a data storage object, just a logical namespace for your dataset type. We recommend having a source each for distinctive dataset schemas, for example, a separate source for
  • Finance Data
  • Customer Data
  • Organization Data etc.
Add a new source in the Configure data source section.

Upload Data

Telmai supports 4 ways you can send data
  • File Upload
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • Google BigQuery (GBQ)
  • Amazon S3
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