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To get started, request a free starter account

Once approved, each customer will be provided with the following tenant information:

  1. Tenant Id

  2. Login credentials

  3. A link to Telmai dashboard, powered by Google DataStudio to view and investigate data anomalies. Please note, in the October release, the DataStudio dashboards will be replaced with Telmai website


Integrating with Telmai is easy and doesn’t require significant upfront configuration. Our User Interface and REST APIs allow for secure transmission of data over to Telmai for analysis.

Telmai is able to scan data from pretty much anywhere, flat and semistructured and supports hundreds of data sources. The most popular include:

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • S3

  • Azure Blob

  • Google BigQuery

  • Snowflake

  • AWS Redshift

  • SAP Hana

  • Databricks DeltaLake

  • and many more

Supported File formats for Cloud Storage

  • Comma Separated Values

  • Tab Separated Values (TSV)

  • Parquet

  • Json

  • Databricks Delta

  • Apache Iceberg

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