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Data thats been used is current and not stale and unreliable
Detailed article on freshness can be found here.
Data is timely when it is up-to-date (current), and available on time. Freshness is the delay after which data is considered as complete.
Timeliness can be associated with various levels including metadata. Is the metadata available and up to date at the time someone is attempting to use it to understand the data he or she is accessing?

Measuring Freshness

Measure of time between when data is expected versus made available
The degree to which data represent reality from the required point in time
The length of time between data availability and time of the event or phenomenon they describe The extent to which the age of the data is appropriate for the task at hand
The degree to which data is available when knowledge workers or processes require it A measure of how current a data item is
The degree to which the period between the time of creation of the real value and the time that the dataset is available is appropriate
Unit of Measure: Time difference
Related dimension: Accuracy because it inevitably decays with time.