Designated Values

Telmai assesses correctness of special designated values such as:

Default value where a predefined value is used as a proxy for unspecified actual value.

Examples: 0 or -1 may be used as a default value for Salary, ‘Medium’ for Shirt_Size, ‘Clear’ for Color, ‘US’ for Country, ‘23%’ for Fed_TAX, ... etc. Note that default values might get intermixed with actual values and, thus, a desire to have them identified will depend on the specific use case

Placeholder where a dummy value is used as a proxy for unknown actual value. The placeholder can be thought of as a temporary value until the actual value becomes known, or just as a mere empty field filler. Examples: “*******” may be used as a placeholder for Title, “(415) 111-1111” for Phone, 99999 for Zip_Code, … etc.

Empty proxy where a string indicating a non existence of value is used. Such proxies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Examples: “ ”, “[ ]”, “none'', “null'', “n/a'', “nothing'', “not provided'', “unknown'', … etc

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